Shane & Pepper Foundation Ability Skill Center 

Employment for the Disability and Neurodiverse Community

The challenge faced by the disability and neurodiverse community in finding gainful employment is significant. Statistics reveal a disparity in the employment rate between those with disabilities and those without. For example:

  • Only a small percentage of adults with disabilities are employed in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, compared to their non-disabled peers.
  • The neurodiverse community, including those with autism, ADHD, and other conditions, face unique challenges in traditional workplaces, often leading to underemployment or unemployment.

The disparity is not due to a lack of ability, but rather a lack of opportunity and resources tailored to meet their unique needs.

Benefits of the Ability Skill Center

1. Mock Apartment: Real-life skills are essential for independence. The Mock Apartment is a simulated environment where individuals can practice daily life tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and budgeting. Mastering these skills can lead to increased self-reliance and confidence, allowing for more opportunities in the broader world.

2. Culinary Program: The culinary arts are not just about cooking; they're about discipline, creativity, teamwork, and precision. Through our Culinary Program, individuals learn essential skills that are transferable to various job settings. Moreover, the culinary world is vast, and with the right training, many can find fulfilling jobs in restaurants, catering services, bakeries, and more.

3. Sensory Room: For the neurodiverse community, sensory overload can be a real challenge. The sensory room is a safe space where individuals can learn to regulate their emotions and reactions, making it easier for them to engage with the world around them. Regular exposure and use can significantly reduce anxiety and improve focus, both of which are crucial for employment and day-to-day life.

Your Support Matters

The renovation costs, equipment, furniture, and supplies are significant, but they're an investment in the future of our community members. The $60,000 required for remodeling is just the starting point.

By supporting the Shane & Pepper Foundation, you are making a tangible difference. Every dollar goes towards creating an environment where the disability and neurodiverse community can thrive, learn, and grow. The ripple effect of your contribution will be felt not just in the lives of those we serve, but in the broader community as these individuals go on to lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Join us in making a real difference. Your support will create opportunities, break down barriers, and foster an inclusive community where everyone has a chance to shine.

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