Ability + Inclusion Photography

Welcome to Ability + Inclusion Photography – a place where the magic of photography knows no bounds and every ability is celebrated. We specialize in capturing the essence of every individual, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be seen and celebrated through the lens of our cameras.

Photography is a powerful tool for preserving memories, telling stories, and expressing the beauty of our diverse world. At Ability + Inclusion Photography, we believe that this opportunity should be accessible to all, regardless of ability or background. Everyone deserves to have their story told, their moments captured, and their memories preserved for years to come, and we are here to make that happen.

Our dedicated Photographer is passionate about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, ensuring that every photo session is a positive, enjoyable, and empowering experience. We understand the importance of capturing life’s precious moments, and we are committed to providing high-quality photography services that are accessible to everyone.

At Ability + Inclusion Photography, we stand firm in our belief that photography should be inclusive, accessible, and worry-free. We are on a mission to create a space where all individuals are valued, celebrated, and treated with the utmost respect—one photo at a time. Join us in our journey of fostering inclusion and celebrating the diversity of our wonderful community. Welcome to a world where everyone is created equal, and every moment is worth capturing.


Visit our website: www.AbilityPhoto.com


We are located inside Shane & Pepper Candle Co.

307 Derstine Ave

Suite. 102

Lansdale PA 19446

Phone: 215-509-1584

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Email: Photos@ShanePepper.com