Ability Culinary Project

Let's do this together! 

The Shane & Pepper Foundation has launched a new project that marries our core mission - to empower individuals within our disability community - with our love for food and the culinary arts. The program is designed to equip our participants with the vocational, social, and life skills necessary to pursue a fulfilling career in the culinary industry. It also serves as a platform for advocating disability awareness and promoting a more inclusive society through the shared experience of food.

The project is a comprehensive culinary training program. Participants are taught valuable vocational skills such as food preparation, handling, and the art of cooking various dishes from scratch. They also learn about diverse types of food and their correct storage and expiration details, enhancing their employability in the food and hospitality sector.

The program doesn't stop at vocational skills; it also addresses critical social skills like interacting with customers, handling transactions, and taking orders. These skills not only foster improved social interactions but also provide a foundation for independent living and employment.

A unique feature of our project is the monthly pop-up tents. These serve as an experiential learning space where participants can practice their skills and engage with the community directly. The tents are also a vehicle for raising disability awareness and showcasing the abilities and talents of our participants.

The proceeds from these pop-up events will go towards a goal that is dear to us: purchasing a food truck for our Culinary Project. We envisage this food truck as a beacon of inclusion and empowerment, bringing our mission to different events, towns, and cities. It will serve delicious food prepared by our participants while spreading the message of disability awareness and promoting the potential and skills of people with disabilities.

Our ultimate goal with this project is not just to teach culinary skills, but also to foster independence, empowerment, and confidence among our participants. We aim to equip individuals of all abilities with the tools they need to thrive and become active, contributing members of society. Through this project, we hope to blend the joy of food with the power of inclusivity, creating a more equitable society where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can flourish.

We need your help! Become a Sponsor!

Ability Culinary is a dynamic food truck venture that takes pride in empowering individuals with disabilities by providing them with vocational training and employment opportunities in the culinary arts. Our mission is to break down barriers and create an inclusive society where everyone can showcase their abilities and contribute to the community.

To bring this project to fruition, we are seeking sponsors who share our vision and commitment to supporting the disability community. As a sponsor, your company will have the opportunity to prominently display its name and logo on our pizza food truck, showcasing your generosity and dedication to creating an inclusive society.

We aim to raise an estimated $160,000 to cover the costs of acquiring an F250 truck for hauling the trailer, making necessary alterations, purchasing food supplies, and obtaining the required licenses and permits. By contributing to this fundraising campaign, you will directly support our workforce abilities program and play a significant role in providing vital skills to our foundation.


By sponsoring Ability Culinary Food Truck, your organization would have the opportunity to support a meaningful cause while gaining valuable exposure and positive brand association. Here are some key benefits that come with sponsoring our food truck:

  1. Brand Visibility: Our food truck travels to various high-traffic locations, community events, and festivals, providing excellent visibility for your brand. Your company's logo and messaging can be prominently displayed on our truck, creating a strong presence and increasing brand recognition.

  2. Social Impact: Sponsoring Ability Culinary Food Truck demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility and inclusivity. It allows you to directly impact the lives of individuals with disabilities by supporting their training, employment, and personal growth.

  3. Networking and Partnership Opportunities: As a sponsor, you will have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses in our network. This opens up possibilities for collaboration, joint initiatives, and new business relationships.

 To discuss sponsorship opportunities in more detail, please feel free to reach out to Marie at Marie@shanePepper.com. She will be happy to provide additional information, answer any questions, and explore potential synergies between our organizations.

Thank you for considering this sponsorship opportunity with Ability Culinary Food Truck. We look forward to the possibility of working together to make a meaningful difference in our community.