Meet our Pawsitive Warrior , Miranda! 💚

Welcome to Shane + Pepper Pawsitive Warrior Spotlight!

💚We  recognize warriors who are fighting their own battle with positivity! We are honored to shine the light on their amazing strength !💪🏻

Shane and Pepper would like to introduce our Pawsitive Warrior, Miranda!



Miranda is a sweet six-year-old girl who is tougher than nails and has a heart of gold. She will make your heart smile as her story is truly inspiring.

Here is her story.

Miranda has multiple diagnoses. Her diagnoses are as follows, Koolen De-Vries syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, CHD, Kidney disease, rare airway disorder, feeding tube; this is to name a few. This doesn't stop Miranda at all! Miranda plays soccer and T-ball for a particular league. Miranda doesn't fight this battle alone. WHY? Because she has her 4 Paws for Ability service dog, NATASHA, by her side! They are warriors together, and nothing will stop this team!

When Miranda is not in school or playing her sports, she loves to play outdoors. She enjoys camping and rides four-wheelers! This little lady is all about being free and enjoying life to its fullest! Miranda loves to enjoy her fresh bowl of strawberries with sugar in the mix of her adventurous life.

As you know, Miranda's service dog Natasha is the best of a friend. But, She also has another 4 paws companion dog named Clement and an orange kitty named Harvey. As we all know, animals can make you feel good no matter what.

Miranda has a brother and a sister with the most loving parents and grandparents ever.

We asked Miranda's mother, Barbara, what she would like for the world to know about her daughter's diagnoses. Barbara stated, " No matter the struggle or hardship, you can find the joy in the slightest and most challenging moments. Some children may look different, move differently, speak differently, eat differently, play, and learn differently. Still, underneath it all, everyone wants to be loved and accepted for the perfect, beautiful humans that they were born to be ".

Miranda, you are the epitome of a Pawsitive Warrior! Thank you for showing the world your amazingness. Honored to call you our Pawsitive Warrior Spotlight, and thank you for letting Shane + Pepper Candle share your story.

Remember to Be the Light. Be the CHANGE.

💚Our company is disability-owned, and we are proud it that! Our candles are vegan-friendly, eco-soy, biodegradable, and sustainable, and cruelty-free. Most importantly, they are hand-poured and freshly made just for you. Our products serve a purpose within the community. Our candles bring disability awareness. We hope our candles bring beautiful light to your home and gives happiness to your heart. Always remember, Be the light. Be the CHANGE. #DISABILITYAWARENESS