Meet Jackson! Our Pawsitive Warrior for June !

Welcome to Shane + Pepper Pawsitive Warrior Spotlight!


Shane and Pepper would like you to introduce our Pawsitive Warrior, Jackson!

Jackson is a kind and loving 10-year-old boy who has such a love for science and a warrior's heart. 


Here is his story. 

Jackson has a disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 6. Osteogenesis imperfecta type VI is a moderate to severe form of osteogenesis imperfecta that affects the bones but is distinctive in the bone characteristics at a microscopic level (histology). People with this condition have thin (osteopenia) bones and break easily after six months of age. Our mission is to bring awareness to all. Please visit the website for further information on Jackson's diagnoses:

Jackson loves doing all things science and nature. He loves to learn about his favorite insect, the Praying Mantis and Bats. Jackson also loves to build things. As you can see, Jackson is a fantastic kid who wants to change the world. How, you ask? Jackson wants to become an entomologist or an architect when he grows up. Jackson, you can build our house! 

While Jackson is studying science and nature, he loves to spend time with his fantastic and loving family and friends. Jackson loves to travel to new places, and he loves playing Minecraft and Roblox with his cousins. One more thing, Jackson likes to stay up late watching movies too! Jackson, you are a night owl, I bet? 

 Jackson loved to play wheelchair basketball, and he loves it. He wants to try that sport again soon. But, in the meantime, Jackson has a love for music and plays the piano. With all of this fantastic activity, he loves to enjoy a nice dinner of his favorite, orange chicken and rice. Jackson, that sounds delicious!  

We asked Jackson, "What is your favorite quote?" 

Jackson replied, " Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do." Jackson's friend, who also has the same diagnosis, sent him a poster with his favorite quote. Every day is a clear reminder to Jackson as it is hung in his room on his wall for five years now.   

  Now, I know that quote gives Jackson strength, but his mobility service dog, Sequin, and his companion dog named, Jolli give Jackson even more love and strength. A boy and his dogs equal fur-ever best of friends! 


We asked Jackson, "what do you want the world to know about your diagnosis?" Jackson replied," Most people know my condition causes me to break my bones all the time. It also causes a lot of health problems. Even though I can't run or play football, we can still have a lot of fun together and become friends". Well said, Jackson! 


 Jackson, you are not alone, and we stand with you and bring awareness about Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 6. You are the epitome of a Warrior! Thank you for showing the world your love and kindness. We are honored to call you our Pawsitive Warrior and Thank you for letting Shane & Pepper share your story. 


 Remember to be the Light. be the Change